Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No sooner than One exhibition is done and over, the prep for the next begins a new, I have to say though of all the shows this year that my work will appear in (around 7) this is the one I'm looking forward too the most. not only is it in the town where I went to uni, but it is also with my good friend, collaberator and fellow illustrator Yee Ting Kuit.
we have also launched our own small press and will be producing comics, books and magazines together under the name Chalk & Cheese.

What makes this show even more special (and not to be missed) is the fact that we will be releasing two books at the show as well as showing you some wonderful artwork.
our first two titles will be Chalk & Cheese issue 1 the first issue of our new bi-monthly illustration / art magazine. and volume 1 of Zombies like you and Me part one of seven comics.

so this show is not to be missed!!!

Friday, 14 August 2009


The show was great fun, I met some wonderful people and all the other artists were great fun too. the exhibition itself (comprised of 8 artists from around europe) worked very well with every one's work complimenting each other's work well. As well as having a grand time, I even managed to sell some work too.
the whole experience has really inspired me to crack on with more work.
so off I go.