Sunday, 27 November 2011

No down time for me!

Since I finished the  year long and extremely demanding Welcome to the Neighbourhood project back in august, I've been hoping for some down time, it hasn't happened, I've had painting commissions coming out of my ears since then (which I'm not complaining about) and I was asked in September to teach an afternoon a week on the HND and Degree course up at college, I have avoided teaching since I started out simply because I know how easy it is to just do that and not work creatively. to my surprise though i actually rather enjoy it, and I'm now teaching 3 days a week, though I have no intentions of making this my career I will continue with it for this academic year. 
I was also asked by he good folks at Tynwald Mills if I would organise an exhibition of artist's work to show over the Christmas period, we were given the old courtyard gallery (where I did my residency all those years ago) that is now an impressive 2 storey exhibition space, it was all very short notice but with a bit of hard work, and with only a week and a half's notice we got a an amazing professional looking show together showcasing the work of around 30 artists and students, well done to all involved.

On another note, I've noticed over the last couple of years a decline not only in the illustration commissions I get but in commissioned illustration in general and though both illustration and fine art have both been good to me in the past, I think a slight change in direction may be on the cards (and I do not mean teaching) I'll post more soon.