Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

1 year, 5 shows!
Welcome to the neighbourhood is a series of temporary
exhibitions over the space of a year in places that an art exhibition
wouldn’t normally be seen. The Idea behind this project is to show
art (and a lot of it) outside the context of an art gallery. The
premise of most of Juan’s previous art has been to cut through the
stigma and pretention of “high” fine art and make it more
accessible to everybody instead of just those well versed in
contemporary art and art history, these exhibitions also aim to
show the art working alongside and within the community. Each of
the exhibitions will not simply have a theme but will be very site
specific. Each of the shows will have a preview evening and each
show will be displayed in its unique location for about two weeks,
there will be final show of all of the artwork at the end of the

The project is supported and fully funded by the Isle of Man Arts council.

first show opens 1st November 2010