Monday, 24 December 2012


So the other project we had to do in the first term was to produce work with the BILLY-BOB character, we had the choice of either doing an animated sequence featuring the character or produce a vehicle for him, I chose a vehicle, we had a maximum triangle limit of 15k so it's context would be to feature in a computer game, I not only modelled the vehicle but also lit it and created all the textures; so here it is: billy Bob's Apple Picker:

I recommend watching it HD.

Saturday, 15 December 2012


really should have updated this way sooner than i have done, It's been mad busy down here in Bournemouth we have just finished for the xmas break, and I must say the first 12 weeks have been so very intense, but in that time I've gone from barely being able to operate a PC to making 3D animations and models, it is insane how much you learn on this course, I'd recommend it to anyone who's wanting to get into 3D computer animation from an arts background.
so the first project we did was bouncing balls, which I passed (yay) so here they are: