Wednesday, 22 February 2017

It's been awhile!

Gosh! it has been a good long while since I las blogged anything. so I suppose a little update is in order. The show which I did at the isle gallery during the summer was far more successful than I had anticipated and to be honest after 2015 being such a difficult year to get anything done, I found producing the work for this show hugely enjoyable, I felt I'd gotten my mojo back. Another enjoyable thing was that the Isle gallery was the first place I'd ever exhibited (though it was the Courtyard gallery back then), so it felt like coming home. indecently I and the gallery were pleased as we had huge numbers to the show and sold the vast majority of the work in the show.

so as to why I've not blogged for awhile, well the main reason is that I tend to use integral now, though when I started the blog way back in 2008, it was a good way to keep the world up to date with what was happening, these days social media has taken over, so i feel I have had to move with the times.
You can view my Instagram page here:

Another reason as to why there has been a bit of silence from me of late, is that I haven't really had much to announce, my role as a lecturer is taking up all of my time these days and though I enjoy teaching, I think it's time I get back to more creative endeavours, I simply cannot balance the two anymore and the institution I work for is not making it easy, so I will be attempting to return to the world of freelance illustration, I also have 3 projects that I'd like to make a go with (more on that at a later date).
I had contemplated ditching the blog altogether, but I like having a space where I can talk casually about what I'm doing, so I'll keep it going I think.

for now here is a recent piece of work I did for Manx national Heritage, for their folklore and mythology trail guide: