Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

The other day I was going through a few old files and I found some of the original drawings I did for a limited edition book I made, it brought back a lot of feelings, I remember how I came up with the idea for the book, I wasn't long out of university I think this was around the start of october 2006 and I was an artist in residence at a gallery, part of my job was to be present during tuesday evening's life drawing class, really just to make sure nothing got damaged, I wasn't allowed to participate either, but I had to stay there until 9ish at night ( I started at 9 in the morning) so tuesdays were long day for me. anyway I remember being very tired (I'd been painting all day) and I was bored of the internet, so I started doodling, doodled this little zombie in a Kurt Cobain like jumper and I was pleased with it, so i carried on drawing until I had a narrative. the next day I scanned all the drawings in, added a few, refined some, added some text and made it into a book. I would go on to do 3 other books in the same vain about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. in total I made 200 of each book and had sold them all by christmas of 2006. throughout 2007 I would go on to plan out 8 more of these narratives but I never released them as life seemed to get in the way. This year I have done virtually no drawing but I had done a massive amount of painting so I decided to redraw the zombie book, I hope you like.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Recently I did this.

2011 has proved a unique year for me in that I have had the opportunity to work with many talented musicians and song writers, its mostly been a positive experience. So when the hugly talented Clara Barker asked if I would do her an artwork for upcoming live EP (available very soon on digital download) I was thrilled :) Aside form the EP being utterly amazing, Clara is great to go out and have a few beers with too. so you should all go and purchase Clara's wonderful music as soon as you can.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Prints and iphones

I've been umming and arring whether or not to do this for awhile but, I've finally decided to give it a go, so far it seems okay, so if you fancy an art print of even if you want an iphone skin have a skeet at this, if there is any artwork I've done in the past that you would like to see a print of, then just let me know. its all here:

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm on Twitter now.

I've put it off for long enough, so if your on twitter please come and join me here.