Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chico & Rita nominated for an Oscar

Quite out of the blue today I got an email from our producer on Chico and Rita informing me that it has been nominated for an Oscar. This is great news, if you recall I worked on that animation for a good long while (November 2008 until the end of February 2010, almost 16 months) It was a big and intense project filled with a great many ups and downs, but on the whole I'm pleased with my contribution to it. Its awhile since I've thought about that job and in hindsight I really miss our studio set up there. still onwards and upwards now at least I can go off to do my masters with a little confidence knowing that I worked on an Oscar nominated animation :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!! The year gone, the year ahead.

I'm a bit late with this post I know but hey. 2011 was an extremely busy and largely positive year for me (which I needed as 2009 and 2010, where less than great) the WTTN project took up most of my time and energy and the success of the project surpassed my expectations, I look back on that project with nothing but pride. I had felt for the previous couple of years, a bit stranded, not sure where my work was or where it was going, the illustration industry is still finding its feet after the credit crunch which has forced me (in a good way) to look for other outlets for my work and though 2011 was definitely a year of fine art for me, I've been looking long and hard about the strengths and weaknesses of my work since I began professionally.
This analysis has led me to see where I want to be, what else I want to do and I have realised that more training is necessary in order to do this, which lead me to applying to study my masters degree (which I start in September). The blog is going to change direction a little, in that I''m going to be experimenting with my style and work within an animated context. I will as always try to be more up to date with posts, for know though here's to 2011, it was a good year for me.