Monday, 13 July 2009

business cards

a must for any professional artist or creative are business cards, I've experimented with them for years, from trying to print my own, to paying out to get them done, to using templates in all honesty i've never had much luck until now... check these guys out they rock... very impressive and very affordable.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Busy Busy

Just a quick note to say I'm busy gettung all my exhibition stuff sorted out for the comming months.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Zombie sneaky peak

by now you will have noticed the new banner at the top, and here is the first sneaky peek at project Zombie, that myself and Yee have been working on for over a year now. I can't really say too much more about the project other than it will be coming soon, though in what incarnation I can't say yet.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Here is all 100 paintings

So here is what all 100 paintings look like all together. this is the last time i'll go on about this I promise, I'm very pleased with the way this project went nd it did indeed test me in just about every way imaginable, but it was done on time and did prove a success, now on to even bigger and more exciting things.

exhibition photos

obviously these photos were taken while the gallery was closed, just after the show was hung, the day before it opened to the public. I really just wanted to show how much space 100 paintings really takes up, the show actually took up the entire exhibition space and half of the shop area of the Sayle gallery.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

I hadn't realized it had been so long...

Wow Cant believe it's been four months since I last updated this blog. I guess I'd best fill you in on what has happened. well the exhibition kicked off to great success and was recieved very well by all who went to see the show. I managed to sell just over half of the 100 paintings, which in theses financially grim times was fantastic. the zombie project is now 100% complete and I may have some exciting news about that soon (fingers crossed).
I also have a very busy summer ahead of me. I have been selected to represent the Isle of Man at this year's lorreint celtic festival, of which I've just completed the work for, the exhibition will represent artist's from every celtic country in the world and the festival normally gets around 650,000 visitors, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. in october I will be having a joint show at the here and now gallery with my collaborator, friend and fellow illustrator Yee Ting Kuit, of which I am very much looking forward too. I will hopefully not leave it so long until my next update.