Friday, 24 October 2014

What to do next?

As the image a day project enters it's final stage of about 60 or so artworks, I'm keenly aware of the fact that I have nothing planned for after it is over. In the past when I've finished a big project or large body of work, I've been so exhausted (mentally) that a break is all I've thought about. The image a day project is different in that, yes it is large project with a lot of work involved, but it a little bit of work every day rather than bursts of vast amounts of work over short periods of time. The project has been hard, but it has been good for me, I feel like I have my mojo back (so to speak). i feel like I've been a little lost with my work for a couple of years now, this project has allowed me to try new things, experiment with older methodologies, get a little closure on themes and techniques that have bugged me for awhile.

so here I am, in a position of being inspired and ready for something to do next. now all I have to do is think of something new to do.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Guardian yesterday :)

So this is a piece I did for the Guardian recently, I have to say I'm rather pleased with it, I'm really feeling quite comfortable with the digital way of working now, this is thanks to all the practice I've had with the Image a day project. speaking of which it is all going well, I have just completed image number 235,  I'm very much enjoying the project but I'll be very glad when it is over, I hadn't realised how stressful the project would be whilst I'm trying to get other work done. Speaking of which I have a small exhibition in September, mostly of quirky small watercolour art, more on that soon. :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Guardian the other week.

Just realised that I'd forgotten to put this up, another piece done in the digital style I've developed for the image a day project, originally developed because i was getting a bit bored of paint, and wanted to make use of some of the digital skills I'd developed on my masters course, I now find myself keen to get back into paint. I know, I know, I'm very fickle really.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

little update

I know I've been rubbish at keeping this up today but most of the action has beed happening over at the image a day blog (check it out here: ) in other news I took part in an art festival here on the island called WOSAT which was a fantastic 3 days with plenty of visitors and plenty of sales too. I also reprinted some small press books, something I've not done for about 8 years. they went down very well,  so watch this space for more. the digital work produced for the image a day project is proving very popular and I will be making prints in the not to distant future. in the mean time I'm busy preparing for 2 shows, one a group show in New York city (details TBC) and a small exhibition here on the island in November (my first show in 3 years, here on the rock.
also here is a Guardian illustration I did a couple of weeks ago:

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Today's guardian

I think this is the first completely digital illustration I've ever done (you can see it in today's Guardian's Weekend supplement). if you like it you can see more digital work here:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


So just a quick update, most of my time and effort is going into the image a day project, which is proving to be quite successful, at the moment it is averaging at about 1000 views per week. I've begun working in an interesting digital style, which I don't think will replace my painting work, but right now is a welcome distraction.
also the blog got some great coverage on the BBC: you can read about that here

Friday, 3 January 2014

Busy and Processes

Just incase you missed it over on: here is a short speeded up video of my painting process, aside form this the project is going well at the moment. I'm hopping to do a few more videos like this