Monday, 22 August 2011

And Finally

here is the youtube link to Emily Cook's (big thanks Emily) wonderful video about the project:
I've been that busy wrapping up this project lately (literally in terms of taking the paintings down from the museum) I haven't really sat back to take stock of whether or not the Welcome to the Neighbourhood project was a success. It did everything I wanted it to do, I put on shows in places that would normally not even have exhibitions and as a result attracted hundreds of new people to art, I met every deadline and the shows were all presented in a professional manner and nothing fell down and hurt anyone which was great. So in that respect it was a success, there were also some things I learnt through the project too, I learnt a lot about the way in which I work and I'm very pleased about how my work has progressed throughout the project, also the GIGhibition blew everyone's minds and proved a big success, the collaboration between visual art and music was amazing and its something I would like to try again in the future.
but would I do something like this again. hmmm it did nearly kill me but yes I would like to take welcome to the Neighbourhood to a new place maybe a big city, even though this body of work is over, I doubt that its the last I'll have to do with Welcome to the neighbourhood.
I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the shows, attended the lectures and workshops, everyone who helped me with the shows and all the wonderful bands, I'd also like to thank everyone who has followed the project on facebook.

The Guardian the other week

I also did this for the Guardian the other week;

update three: the Museum show

So this was it! the culmination of the project and a year's worth of work and also my first museum show, I have to say working with Manx national heritage on this was an absolute pleasure, they really pulled out all of the stops for this one, amazing graphic boards, a video about the project, what more could I ask for, all the extra stuff we did along side the show, lectures, workshops and live painting events, they also made a very posh exhibition book for the project too (still available in the MNH gift shop). The preview went extremely well, with speeches and I even suited up for the occasion (try not to faint) well its not everyday you do a solo show at a museum.

update two: live painting

So to coincide with the big final show at the manx museum I did some quite complicated lectures at the Manx Museum, the lectures take the form of a power point presentation which details the many influences I've had to my work, what makes the lecture complicated is that while discussing this I produce a painting in front of an audience, which is projected on the screen behind me via a mounted video camera, I do all of this in about an hour and a half (no pressure)

update one

Ok, I know its been awhile, so I'm going to do this update in sections, so first off here is some pictures from the life and other nonsense preview back at the end of May..

Many people commented on how this was what they thought was the best of the work produced for the project, it certainly was easier to produce as apposed to the other exhibition which all had quite strict contexts to adhere to. It really is quite amazing what you can do with a dis-used office.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I know its been awhile :s

a big update will be here very very soon, I've just been so Busy arrrrrgh!