Monday, 22 August 2011

And Finally

here is the youtube link to Emily Cook's (big thanks Emily) wonderful video about the project:
I've been that busy wrapping up this project lately (literally in terms of taking the paintings down from the museum) I haven't really sat back to take stock of whether or not the Welcome to the Neighbourhood project was a success. It did everything I wanted it to do, I put on shows in places that would normally not even have exhibitions and as a result attracted hundreds of new people to art, I met every deadline and the shows were all presented in a professional manner and nothing fell down and hurt anyone which was great. So in that respect it was a success, there were also some things I learnt through the project too, I learnt a lot about the way in which I work and I'm very pleased about how my work has progressed throughout the project, also the GIGhibition blew everyone's minds and proved a big success, the collaboration between visual art and music was amazing and its something I would like to try again in the future.
but would I do something like this again. hmmm it did nearly kill me but yes I would like to take welcome to the Neighbourhood to a new place maybe a big city, even though this body of work is over, I doubt that its the last I'll have to do with Welcome to the neighbourhood.
I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the shows, attended the lectures and workshops, everyone who helped me with the shows and all the wonderful bands, I'd also like to thank everyone who has followed the project on facebook.


Dave Bain said...

fab video Juan. Well done!

Juan Moore said...

Thanks Dave,
it really was a BIG mad project, all good fun though. Hope all is well with you over there across the sea :)