Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Quick update

well, things have been very busy over the last month or so, I had some work in an exhibition at ronaldsway airport on the Isle of Man, I've completed the bulk of the work on the zombie book with Yee (that was a good two months of working on nothing else but that). I'll post some stuff from that very soon.
The Sayle gallery (where a lot of my work appears) has closed for the summer getting ready for its big reopening in its new larger premises in the fall, I've just started work on illustrations for a music book with the Manx heritage foundation. I'm still producing illustrations for the guardian weekend magazine, the next one is in on the 19th so look out for that one.
and as a follow up to my "100 drawings" exhibition, I've just completed painting no. 1o for an exhibition of 100 paintings in feb 09 at the Sayle gallery. so yeah its all mad at the moment.
oh and if life wasn't complicated enough, I've just moved house.

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