Monday, 29 November 2010

Learning, exhibition announcement.

So as part of the Welcome to the neighbourhood project, I've spent the last couple of weeks going to the high schools on the island and doing workshops on conceptual thinking (the process I use to come up with artwork ideas) I must say there are a number of very talented young people around and I do hope some of them take it further.
I must say I'm very pleased with some of the work produced in the workshops and as a result some students work will feature in the final show.
Chico & Rita (the animation I worked on for 15 months) premiered last Thursday, myself and some of the team I worked within went to see it, it was nice to see the end result, having never seen the fully finished film, it was nice to finally close the book on the project which my involvement began in November 2008.
unfortunately I'm now very far behind with the work for the next show.
The next show "One Night Stand" will be at the courthouse bar on 17th January 2011, so I'd best get painting.

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