Saturday, 28 February 2009

Not long now!!

As the poster says, in just over a month the exhibition opens, I should have finished all the artworks for the show by tomorrow, 100 paintings has been far more challenging than I could have ever anticipated, I won't lie though, I am a little worried about sales in these uncertain times, but my main and I know it's Dave's main objective is simply to put on a really good show. 


Marilyn said...

Hi Juan,
It is a note from Marilyn of the Falmouth tutor variety.

We are living in America and Cornwall now and today I had a show which opened in Des Moines, Iowa. A nice woman, who I'd met a couple times before came and guess where she is from ? The Isle of Man, so I told her about you and your work. And I googled you and found this. It looks like things are going well.
All best,

gypo said...

Went to the show last night, and had to go back again today for another (quieter) look, fantastic stuff, really really enjoyed your pictures, especially coupled with the titles / narratives, thought provoking stuff

Thanks lots, got myself a poster, looking forward to putting it up and looking at it lots

Slaynt Vie


Rainbow Apple said...

hey i went to the gallery today with my IOM college class, we all really liked your 100 illustrations, they were brilliant :-D i especially liked them, and am seriously considering asking for one of the framed posters of all 100 images for my birthday next month :-D L2a x