Thursday, 18 March 2010

quick update

well since finishing the animation at the beginning of this month and after having a very very very drunken and enjoyable wrap party I have managed to hit the ground running and just finished a number of paintings for the Isle of man department of eduction based around manx folk lore, I'm not entirely sure what purpose the will serve, but I did enjoy doing them. I have also invested in a new printer and scanner, which will hopefully arrive soon, after a number of years loyal service my old printer and scanner have died. right on to the next job now.


Katy said...

Hi Juan, we met a few years ago when I was doing my A Levels at CRHS and you came to talk to Mr Edwards art class. I always liked your work and when I realised we knew similar people I added you on facebook to see what new work you'd been doing (just in case you were wondering who the random chick was). Its great that the Dep of Ed commissioned you, will you show the rest of the work on the blog soon?

Juan Moore said...

hey Katy,
yeah I will once the dept. of education has used them in their context first, other than that I should be posting some other new work within the next couple of weeks or so.