Sunday, 26 May 2013

Clara Barker: Fine Art and the Breslins

Well, so in amongst all this masters madness, My good friend and drinking buddy Clara, has been working on her second full length album and not only did I get to do the cover but also it's named after me too (wooooo!), one nick name I have is "Fine Art" and as some of you will  note the fellow who did the music for the MNH animation last summer was Steven Breslin, The Breslins refers to him and his lovely sister Sue, both of which are great friends, and awesome drinking buddies.
Anyway when the Album is released later in the year you should all go out and get it, it's fantastic.
Also it was so nice to do some real painting again, I hadn't realised how much I had missed it.


Roo said...

Love you Fine Art! Always have, always will xxx

Juan Moore said...

Right back at u :)

so will said...

wow nice!