Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Zombies (again) and How long has it been since I updated this?

Wow, ok I'll admit it has been a bit of awhile since I updated this, The last few (by few I mean many) months have been so busy and so intense, work wise I never would have believed it possible. well since last December< I'm still in Bournemouth, still on the masters course here  at the NCCA, it's been fantastic, we have just completed all work leading up to the final masters project and now have a brief break before that begins, touch wood at the end of August I will be hopefully finished and will then be Juan Moore MA (fingers crossed) so the thing that has kept me the most busy by far was the group project (began in January, ended in March) I got to be the Director and worked with a great team to produce the following animation:

for an HD version go here:
I know, it's about zombies again, it something I keep coming back to, it never quite goes away, though I'm a bit zombied out at the moment so it maybe awhile before I go back to them again. I'm very pleased with the project and I'm happy to say that the team got distinctions all round. so all is good on that front.

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